June 16 & 17 Cowboys Casino

We still need volunteers for the night shifts:

  • 6:45pm to 3am – PM shift => 2 volunteers for each night
  • 11:15pm to 3:30am – Late night shift => 3 volunteers per night

You can contribute for BCA to receive a share of the casino proceeds along with all not-for-profit organizations in our region.

Here the conditions to be our charity casino volunteer:

1.You need to be:

  • 18 years or older
  • able not to drink or gamble during your shift
  • on time
  • able to follow simple instructions of onsite training, with no need of previous experience
  • able to understand & speak minimal English, with no need to be fluent

2.What we can offer:

  • food at the casino restaurants and snacks during your shift
  • non-alcoholic beverages during your shift
  • support with transportation to and from your home in case a ride is required
  • staff room to foster a friendly environment with interaction among members of our community
  • an opportunity to contribute to BCA efforts to receive financial support and continue with promoting our cultural mandate, as well as maintaining a place for community activities, Casa do Brasil, and planning for future growth.

Here are the shifts for both dates 16th and 17th 2022 at Cowboys Casino:

  • 11am to 7:30pm – AM shift
  • 6:45pm to 3am – PM shift
  • 11:15pm to 3:30am – Late night shift

Here are the positions for both dates 16th and 17th 2022 at Cowboys Casino:

  • Chip runner: AM & PM / late night shifts
  • Cashier: AM & PM / late night shifts
  • Count room: late night shifts only

Charity Casino Highlights to consider:

  • BCA provides the hiring of Casino Advisors complying with AGLC requirements for the proper guidance and assurance of all processes and deliverables to be properly achieved.
  • This is a good opportunity to understand the casino operations from the inside perspective. The volunteers will deal only with the financials of the casino activities, there is no direct involvement with gambling.
  • Your participation contributes to the government processes for accountability and assurance of no wrongdoing in the operations. We are responsible to enter information into equipment such as portable devices and computers directly connected to the AGLC.

Sign-up and/or help us with spreading this call for volunteers to people you think may be interested and available to take part in this opportunity.

Email your availability and selected date, shift times, and positions to info@BrazilianAssociation.org