2020 FALL BCA Webinars

All speakers are experts in their area of work, study and/or interest, and provide this service to the community as a voluntary initiative. BCA usually invites speakers but also encourages the submission of proposals by those who find they can provide a contribution of interest and benefit to the community.

To submit your proposal, please email us at info@brazilianassociation.org

Therefore we now invite the ones interested to take part in the 2020 BCA series of info sessions. We are now offering this series in the format of WEBINARS to comply with the new normal following the need to physical distancing and this way contributing to avoid the spread of the coronavirus / COVID-19.

As per the previous format of our info sessions, we have invited experts from our community to provided information on topics of interest, and we present them below for your consideration. In case you have a suggestion of topic and/or presenter, please contact us via email: info@brazilianassociation.org

The sessions are offered in Brazilian Portuguese. However, references will be made to English expressions as appropriate for an understanding of the topics in the Alberta context of the related business.