Board Members and Executive

  • President: Elisia Teixeira
  • Vice-President: André Torres
  • Secretary-Treasurer: Nina Connors
  • Treasurer: Harry Zaft
  • Director at Large: Danielle Drake
  • Director at Large: Elaine Teo Espinosa
  • Director at Large: Emily Nishikawa

Volunteers at Selected Positions:

  • Bookkeeping: Dafina
  • Casino Chair: Elisia Teixeira
  • Dance Coordinator: Danielle Drake
  • Designer Advisor: Carla Stringari Pudler, and Lia Pereira
  • Gardening and Landscape: Elaine Teo Espinosa
  • Library Coordinator: Currently open – apply HERE
  • Newcommers: Ana Manzuti
  • Communications & Events Support: Lia Pereira
  • Website Development: Fabiano Clavé
  • Website Contributors: André Torres, Carla Stringari Pudler, Elisia Teixeira, Lia Pereira, and Ana Manzuti