• The Brazilian Community Association of Alberta was funded by a group of Brazilians in 2003, in Calgary.It was incorporated with the Alberta Societies, and its by-laws establishes the basis of the functioning as membership.
  • Any person can apply to become a member of the association by submitting an application form along with payment. More information about becoming a member are available in the sub-menu JOIN, or just click HERE.
  • The membership dues are expected to be paid annually, and as per decision made during the Annual General Meeting in 2007, after paid for 12 years, even if corresponding to non-consecutive years, the member will have achieved the status of EMERITUS, with no further expected payments to be granted full membership benefits.
  • A member in good standing is a member who have paid the membership due to the present date, identified as ACTIVE member with access to full benefits.
  • A member who is not up-to-date with payment for membership dues is considered INACTIVE with no access to membership benefits. There will be no penalty for late payment of membership dues.
  • For more information about membership benefits, you can access the sub-menu MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS or just click HERE
  • The current board of directors is considering to make the membership form ONLINE for joining, as well as updating information in the membership form previously submitted. We envision an increase array of benefits for online access when we are able to offer this level of development. When the time comes for this approach we will send communication to every and each member to move the membership form to ONLINE management. In case of any issues, concerns or suggestions for this stage of further development, please submit them via email message to info@brazilianassociation.org
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